ad:tech London has spent over a decade connecting buyers and sellers in the digital advertising space.

We deliver a quality audience at scale to create the UK’s premier marketplace for brands, agencies and publishers looking to invest in display, data, technology, programmatic, search, mobile, video, content, social media and more.

Contact Mark Hudson for more information on exhibiting at ad:tech London: +44 (0)208 004 3285 /

Meet thousands of buyers
Over 5,000 ad:tech London attendees control over £2bn digital marketing investment combined. 45% of attendees are director level and above. 70% are directly involved in purchasing. Supported by a VIP programme run by iMedia, ad:tech London gives you access to more potential customers than any other UK event.
Generate leads, contacts and new business
Exhibiting at ad:tech London consistently generates ROI by providing you with leads, new relationships and sales. Being part of the go-to marketplace where buyers looking to invest in marketing products and services is a powerful platform for suppliers looking to boost revenue and win business over the competition.
Be seen in the market
The intensely competitive marketing, media and tech space requires you to be visible to buyers and distinctive from the competition. A presence in the ad:tech exhibition is the perfect platform to engage with your target customers and demonstrate how your products and services can deliver marketing and advertising goals.
Make sure you’re in the investment mix
Timed to coincide with the marketing planning cycle, ad:tech is the event where UK buyers go to evaluate how to spend their budget in the year ahead. If you are present on the show floor, your products and services are visible to buyers. If you're not there, your target customers will be speaking to the competition instead.
A 360 degree marketing solution
ad:tech London is not just an exhibition. We can create packages that include thought-leadership opportunities in the conference, on-site branding, pre-event engagement with attendees and online editorial opportunities via iMediaConnection UK (35,000 newsletter subscribers).
Meet Unilever
Over 100 Unilever marketers will return to ad:tech London after last year's successful partnership. They will engage in meetings, exhibition floor tours and attend content. It's the best chance you will get to do business with the second largest advertiser in the world.

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